"My view on safety" of production line staff

Upload Date:2021-03-18

Safety production is the key point of enterprise management, the fundamental guarantee of enterprise development, and a cumulative and continuous process. We all know that safety matters a lot and human life matters a lot, but the behavior of neglecting small links and simplifying work procedures in daily safety work has laid hidden dangers for safety production.

The details are destined to be safe. Workshop production is complex and constantly changing. Any slight mistake will lead to accidents. Any idea of fluke paralysis and opportunism is destined to pay a certain price,. Therefore, in the actual work, each of our employees should learn from the lessons of previous accidents, overcome the careless and bold work style, develop the cautious, patient and meticulous work habits, work in strict accordance with the regulations, and pay attention to every detail of the work, which can effectively reduce and eliminate the occurrence of accidents. From today on, our newspaper will successively publish "my opinions on safety" from the front-line employees, recording the small things that affect the safety production and the profound experience of the safety production. The fundamental purpose is to strengthen the safety production work, prevent and reduce the production safety accidents, protect the lives and property safety of the employees, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the company.

(Jing Zhaoyong): safety is the source of life. I hope every employee of Maosheng can work happily, safely and happily.!! Pay attention to the little things around you and always keep safety in mind.

We should use gas, electricity and coal safely in daily life, strengthen safety awareness and improve prevention ability. On the way to and from work, obey the traffic rules, drive in a civilized way and drive safely. When we enter the workshop, we should correctly wear labor protection articles, abide by the rules and regulations of the factory and the safe production operation rules. Let's join hands to build a safety barrier, so that everyone of us can "go to work happily and go home safely"!

( Hanqing Wang): Recently, there are many safety accidents in the company. The tragic production safety accidents have shocked every employee's heart. I sum up the following three reasons for these accidents: violation of rules, paralysis and irresponsibility. Violation of rules and regulations is not according to the operating procedures, act with personal subjective consciousness, a long time to develop the habit, will have problems. Paralysis is to be careless about everything, always think that there is no big deal, a little makes a lot, leading to accidents. The irresponsible person responsible for the accident shows his contempt for other people's lives and property, which is the leading factor of the accident. We should abandon these bad habits and strive to be a good employee in production safety.

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