331 rules of quality field management

Upload Date:2021-03-19


      Quality = conscience, which is easy to remember and understand.

      As employees, we need to know whether it is right for our conscience to take the company's money and not do a good job. If we do not do a good job and cause great losses to the company, our conscience will be even worse, and the production and quality inspection personnel will also ask. With this awareness, the quality reason is not very difficult to control. As long as you have a little sense of responsibility, there will be no quality accident. At the same time, we should strengthen the cultivation of three kinds of consciousness, three kinds of control and one method of quality of all employees!

Three consciousnesses

1. Self inspection consciousness

      The quality of products is made, not tested. The secret of production quality control is: let everyone do their own products.

Self inspection is the inspection and verification before the operator completes the operation and requires the employee to conduct self inspection on the products produced by himself. Only when he thinks that the products are qualified, he can flow to the next process and put the products into the next process. It is a part of the operation and 100% inspection on each product. This is a good working habit. It's the first step to "get things right the first time.". Pay attention to the standard during self inspection. Specific inspection items, inspection standards, detection methods and defect levels should be formulated for each post and each process. Employees are required to be familiar with their posts and pay attention to the unqualified items, so as to make everyone realize that as long as each post controls the product quality, then our products are qualified products.

2. Awareness of mutual inspection

      Mutual inspection is the verification of the correctness of the operation results of the previous process before the operation of the next process. It can prevent large losses caused by the accumulation of defects, and it is also conducive to the establishment of the team spirit of the operators. For the products flowing from the previous process, employees are required to recheck and fill the position. After inspection, the products are considered as qualified products before production. The quality problems found in the previous process should be fed back in time. Firmly do not manufacture defective products, do not receive defective products, do not transfer defective products. In case of any defective product, the responsible post shall be informed in time to avoid the continuous existence of product problems, and make up for the defective product, so as to transform the defective product into qualified product.

Each team is a collective. Only when all links of the whole line meet the product quality standards, can we get the full salary. Only when we are qualified teams and excellent teams, can we strengthen the staff's awareness of mutual inspection and team spirit.

3. Awareness of special inspection

      After the self inspection and mutual inspection, the full-time inspectors should be more aware that the employees are doing the self inspection and special inspection while they want to produce. As a full-time inspector, they should have a strong sense of quality control. As for the quality control, I think only by following the process control can the quality be controlled.

Three controls

1. First inspection control

      Before the product goes online, the team leader, technologist and feeder must be required to carefully verify the materials to be put into production, and confirm whether the performance of the equipment to be used is stable and intact. Then small batch production products, through the first article inspection to confirm whether the product is qualified. If it is qualified, the production can be continued. If it is unqualified, the reason should be found out. Only when it is qualified, can it be mass produced.

2. Patrol control

      In the production process, the quality inspector should spot check the products and pay 80% attention to the weak links in the production, such as novice staff, key equipment, key posts, etc.

3. Final inspection control

      For the final production of products, to focus on control, often at this time the mentality of employees are more impatient. So the faster the product is finished, the more strict the control!

 One way

      The last is to do things strictly according to PDCA, that is, at the daily production morning meeting, we should analyze the quality problems appeared and encountered in yesterday's production, and deeply analyze the harmfulness of these quality problems, so that we can fully realize that once the unqualified products leave the factory, they will not only have a huge negative impact on the enterprise, but also damage the interests of users. Next, we will analyze the reasons for these quality problems.

      Trace back at all levels, clarify the quality responsibility, find out the loopholes; on this basis, analyze the measures to be taken, put them into practice, and improve the deficiencies in time.

      In the whole process of the activity, we should truly realize that "if we do not find out the cause of the accident, if we do not deal with the responsible personnel, if we do not implement the rectification measures, if we do not educate the relevant personnel." Every manager holds a "bright knife" and pursues a little improvement in quality every day.

      I believe that by adhering to the operation of the 331 rule, product quality will go to a new level.


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