Working ideas of Shandong Maosheng Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. in 2021

Upload Date:2021-01-01

      In 2021, "develop market, reduce cost and increase efficiency"

Enterprise vision: to build the first integrity brand of China's thermal insulation pipe industry

Enterprise mission: manage the world

Enterprising spirit: constantly striving for self-improvement

Business philosophy: honest and diligent

Enterprise core values: honesty, pragmatism, innovation and win win

Enterprise "three heart project": let customers "rest assured, worry free, comfortable"; work "heart, careful, dedicated"

The main work ideas in 2021 are as follows:

      With "expanding the market, reducing costs and cultivating talents" as the core work, with corporate culture as the guide, with "double three heart" and "double three thousand" as the requirements, we adhere to the "four working principles" and the "3 + 1" risk prevention and control system, firmly seize the national strategic opportunity, seize the market, seize the high-quality orders, strongly grasp the payment collection, and show our never slacking spirit, The work style of seeking truth and pragmatism, taking the result as the guidance, comprehensively realizing the annual goal and task, and actively promoting the healthy development of the enterprise.

"Double three thousand" requirements:

The first "three thousand" requirement of operation:

1. Try every means to meet the needs of customers and create value for customers

2. Try every means to improve the ability of quick response

3. Try every means to improve the popularity, reputation and influence of products

The second management "three thousand" requirement:

1. Try every means to reduce the cost

2. Do everything possible to improve operation efficiency

3. Do everything possible to enhance the core competitiveness of the company

Four working principles:

1. Fair and just

2. Seek truth from facts

3. Keep pace with the times

4. Efficient execution

"3 + 1" risk prevention and control system

1. Three lifelines: safety, quality and capital

2. A warning line: environmental protection

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