Product Details

product details



Product composition: work pipe + polyurethane rigid foam + high density polyethylene external protection pipe.

Performance index:

1. Working steel pipe: seamless steel pipe, spiral seam double-sided submerged arc welded steel pipe, straight seam welded pipe, etc., steel pipe material: steel grade 20, Q235B, L290, etc.

2. polyurethane foam insulation: greater than or equal to density 60kg/m ³, The temperature of conveying medium is - 160-160 ℃ (- 160 ℃ conveying liquid nitrogen); after

CCOT certification, temperature resistance 140.6 ℃.

3. High density polyethylene outer pipe: the density is more than 940kg / m ³; The tensile yield strength is greater than 19mpa; The elongation at break is more than 350%.

Product application:

1. It is suitable for the hot water pipe network system where the temperature of conveying medium is not higher than 120 ℃, the occasional peak temperature is not higher than 140 ℃ and the working pressure is not higher than 2.5MPa.

Polyurethane insulation pipe shall work continuously at 120 ℃ for at least 30 years.

2. Products are widely used in heating, cooling, crude oil transportation field of anti-corrosion, thermal insulation pipeline engineering.

Product features:

1. Good thermal insulation performance, low heat loss, heat loss is only 25% of the traditional pipe, long-term operation can save a lot of energy, significantly reduce energy costs.

2. It has strong waterproof and corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength, and can meet the thermal stress requirements of direct buried laying without compensation.

3. More than 30 years of service life, the correct installation and use can make the pipe network maintenance cost is very low.

4. The utility model does not need to be attached with a pipe trench, can be directly buried underground, and has the advantages of convenient construction and low comprehensive cost.

5. Alarm system can be set to automatically detect the leakage fault of pipe network, automatic alarm, high safety and stability.

6. The products are directly buried underground, which is conducive to environmental beautification and urban planning.