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Shandong Maosheng Pipe Industry Co., Ltd

National high-tech enterprise providing high-quality products and services for heat supply network

The company covers an area of 150000 square meters, with an investment of 160 million yuan and a registered capital of 101 million yuan. It has an annual output of 8000 kilometers of various energy-saving and thermal insulation pipes. It is a famous brand product in Shandong Province. So far, it has provided high-quality products and services to more than 70 cities and 2000 projects in China.

  • 15ten thousand

    Covers an area of 150000 square meters

  • 8000Kilometer

    Output of energy-saving insulation pipe is 8000 km

  • 70+individual

    More than 70 cities in China

  • 2000+individual

    Products and services for more than 2000 projects


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Plastic sheathed steel insulation pipe

Work pipe + polyurethane rigid foam + high density polyethylene external protection pipe

Steel sleeve steel external sliding energy saving insulation pipe

In the heating industry, the demand of steam pipeline is increasing in recent years. With the increasingly standardization of urban construction, beautifying the city has become an inevitable development. The original overhead laying and pipe trench laying methods are gradually replaced by direct burial technology.

Steel sleeve steel sliding energy saving heat preservation pipe

Working steel pipe + aluminum silicate felt + calcium silicate inorganic layer + high temperature resistant and flame retardant aluminum foil reflective layer + rigid polyurethane organic insulation layer + outer steel pipe + external anti-corrosion layer

PE-RT Ⅱ insulation pipe

At present, the operating pressure and temperature of secondary heating pipe network in China are basically below 0.8MPa and 85 ℃. Considering the corrosion, connection and cost of steel pipe and the suitability of plastic pipe, PE-RT II heat-resistant polyethylene pipe is used instead of steel pipe to prefabricate three in one hot water insulation composite pipe.

Spiral duct insulation pipe

Working steel pipe + rigid polyurethane foam insulation layer + outer protection spiral air duct (galvanized pipe, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate)

Overhead steam insulation pipe

Work pipe + nano aerogel + magnesium silicate tile + reflective film + polyurethane + external spiral spiral pipe (galvanized pipe, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate)

FRP energy saving insulation pipe

Work pipe + polyurethane rigid foam + FRP (composite material made of glass cloth and synthetic resin)

Engineering cases

Engineering Cases
Performance Capability

Performance Capability

It has provided high-quality products and services to more than 2000 projects in more than 60 cities in China. It is a long-term supplier of large power groups such as Huaneng, Huadian, Datang and national energy.

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